CutLittle Lab: People

Our team is an interdisciplinary mix of neurologists, engineers, PhD candidates, postdoctoral scholars and clinical research coordinators who all have an interest in the brain and its functionalities!

The Little Lab is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, inclusive, safe, and positive lab climate. 

Simon J. Little
MBBS, MRCP, PhD, Principal Investigator

Sarah Wang
PhD, CCRP, Clinical Research Manager

Guy Avraham
PhD, UCSF Affiliate

Bart Swinnen
PhD, MD, Postdoctoral Scholar

Colin Hoy
PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar

Fahim Anjum
PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar

Jinxiao Zhang
PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar

Lucia Ricciardi
MD PhD, Visiting Scholar

Pria Daniel
PhD Candidate in Psychology

Stephanie Brener
PhD Student in BioEngineering

Jiaang Yao (co-mentored with Starr lab)
PhD Candidate in BioEngineering

Clay Smyth (co-mentored with Starr lab)
PhD Candidate in BioEngineering

Daryl Lawrence (co-mentored with Starr lab)
PhD Candidate in BioEngineering

Elena Ubeda Matzilevich
MD, Clinical Research Coordinator




We also collaborate very closely with Dr. Philip Starr and the Starr lab including co-mentoring of students and projects:

Little Lab: Alumni

Julia Sun
BA, Clinical Research Coordinator (2021-2023)

Shravanan Ravi
BS, Clinical Research Coordinator (2021-2023)

Christina Merrick
PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar (2021-2022)

Tanner Dixon
PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar (2021-2022)